05 July 2018

Understanding Casino Chips

Understanding Casino Chips

When you walk into a land-based casino or visit an online casino such as, one of the very first words you are likely to hear is the word, ‘chips’. In some casinos, chips are also referred to as tokens, cheques or checks. If you proceed to try out a casino game especially table and card games, you will be prompted to purchase casino chips. If you do not have prior casino knowledge, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the many different coloured chips and not knowing which chips to acquire. To avoid such a scenario, you need to learn all you can about casino chips starting with the basic information provided in this article.

What are casino chips?

Casino chips at best can be classified as the official currency of the casino. This is to say they are the casino chips is the only medium of payment that is accepted in the casino. Casino chips may be moulded clay tokens, injection moulded plastic or metal tokens. Casino chips’ value depends on the colour of the chip and in some instances on the size of the chip.

Where to acquire casino chips

As casino chips are used predominantly in the casino, you can acquire them in the casino at the cashier station, gaming table or at the casino cage. After your gaming session/s, you will also cash out your casino chips at the cashier station, gaming table or at the casino cage. While used predominantly inside the casino, you can also use casino chips in taxis, restaurants, bars and/or hotels in gambling towns and cities, especially for tips.

Casino Chips value

When it comes to casino chips, there is no standardised colour scheme for casino chips. Value of chips may differ depending on the venue, region or state. However, the standard casino chip values (in most casinos) are as follows. The white chip has the lowest value of $1, the yellow chip though rarely used in most casinos has a value of $2, red chip has a value of $5, blue chip has a value of $10, grey chip has a value of $20, green chip has a value of $25, orange chip has a value of $50, black chip has a value of $100, pink chip has a value of $250, purple chip has a value of $500, burgundy (sometimes yellow or grey) chip has a value of $1,000, light blue chip has a value of $2,000 and the brown chip has a value of $5,000.

Advantages of using casino chips

For the player, casino chips are important in protecting the player from the prying eyes of thieves and fraudsters. Instead of walking around the casino with stacks of money, the player once s/he acquires the chips will comfortably roam around the casino floor without the fear of attracting unnecessary. For casino operators, casino chips help in eliminating losses that may occur when the dealer or croupier wrongly counts money. Casino chips also help the casino pit to quickly verify the money paid out by the dealer or croupier to players, more important in a busy casino.

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